Tee Vee

I have Televisual Musings in my head that want to get out. Here’s a couple of them.

Spoilers for this week’s Spooks on BBC1

I was pretty disappointed with this episode. It felt chaotic, with lots of elements zooming around one another to little overall effect; a case of the parts not really adding up to a whole. Adam really does lack the Tom-like intensity needed for this kind of episode, and the introduction of his spy-wife left the whole thing feeling just a tad cartoony. It didn’t help that for most of the episode Harry’s “worried Dad” impression was perhaps the least convincing thing I’ve seen on the show in quite some time. And Zoe’s relationship rushed from infatuation to engagement at such improbable speed that you just know it can only end in tiny little plot-shaped pieces.

On the plus side, the Danny storyline was, for the second week running, the best bit, and Harry’s daughter was eminently fanciable. But somehow that’s not *quite* enough to carry the episode. 🙂

Battlestar Galactica 1×03 – Bastille Day

This, on the other hand, was pretty good. Not as good as last week’s episode (The One About Boomer and the Water Shortage) but very enjoyable. Lee “Apollo” Adama gets some good screen-time, alongside original Apollo actor Richard Hatch, and there are some very enjoyable scenes with Tigh, Adama, Baltar and the President. What took it down a few notches for me was the complete lack of anything resembling intelligent debate about Zarek’s actions. Indeed, his political beliefs and motivations seem inconsistent and meandering. Is he terrorist, political activist, or apologist for all criminals no matter what their crime? Is he intelligent or naive? Is he using violence to achieve political ends, to die in a blaze of glory, or both? This confusion (at least in my mind!) dented the impact of the story. What shone through loud and clear was Apollo’s own dedication to democracy and the rule of law, and that I did like.

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