Yes, Minister

Prompted by various recent mentions I tracked down a Yes, Minister box set ( were cheapest by about a tenner), and we’ve just started watching it. Been years since I saw some of these episodes, and they still stand up – not just in terms of some really sharp comedic performances, but also in political relevance. Nothing ever changes!

The first episode is the weakest; it doesn’t really get going until Hacker gets his Ministerial post, but I suppose that’s to be expected! (The first episode also has really awful credits, with cartoons and music more appropriate to a Carry On movie. Quite strange.)

Being the BBC, the box set of Yes, Minister is just a cardboard box around the standard dvd cases you can buy separately, but it looks a bit nicer on the shelf. Has anyone seen a box set of Yes, Prime Minister? I can’t seem to find any trace of one. There are only two DVDs to collect, so maybe that’s why.

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