Mutant Enemies

There’s a brief, but interesting, Joss Whedon interview up on Part one focuses on Serenity (in a non-spoilery way.)

Part One – Serenity
Part Two – Buffy and Angel
Part Three – er, Shaun of the Dead

Nothing too revelatory, but worth a look.

There’s also a brief-but-interesting walk and talk interview with Tim Minear about his new show The Inside, which manages to make me quite excited about it without revealing anything whatsoever about it. I’m easily led, that way.

EDIT: Continuing the “people who make TV” theme, Ron Moore’s Battlestar Galactica blog currently has a Q&A on various aspects of the show’s first season. Towards the end he touches on the moral and political aspects including Adama’s behaviour in the first season tribunal episode, which pleases me because he’s clearly aware of the issues at play.

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