US TV season premiere dates

Nicked from AICN, just those imminent US TV premiere dates which actually interest me:

The 4400 (USA) June 5
The first season wasn’t spectacular, but certainly intriguing enough to catch season 2.

The Inside (Fox) June 8
The new Tim Minear thing. Say no more.

The Dead Zone (USA) June 12
One of the most consistently likeable and under-rated shows on TV.

Battlestar Galactica (SciFi) July 15
The best SF TV show around at the moment.

Stargate SG-1 (SciFi) July 15
Okay, it’s getting lazier and sillier, but it’s entertaining. Plus this season has cast-members from every other SF TV show, ever. Really.

Stargate: Atlantis (SciFi) July 15
This bored me at first, but for some reason I stuck with it and it really found its feet. More reminiscent of early SG-1 than SG-1 is, these days.

And yes, the two Stargate shows and Battlestar Galactica really are premiering on the same channel on the same night.

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