Veronica Mars

I’m really enjoying Veronica Mars. I’ve watched four episodes so far (up to ‘The Wrath of Con’) and it’s a very good and inventive show. And yet… I’m struggling slightly to understand the massive and unreserved adoration everyone seems to be heaping on the show. And I do mean everyone.

Maybe my expectations were hyped up too high by all the great reviews. I don’t know. It’s just… it’s a good show – very good, even: great characters, edgy, witty, and the cast are great – but it’s also “just” another High School show about a Quirky Loner with a group of Quirky Friends (tm).

It’s certainly a strong, non-formulaic example of its type – far better than superficially similar fare like Smallville or Roswell – and it has the potential to do something bold and revelatory, but I think I may be suffering from Quirky High School Fatigue. The most interesting part of the series is the ongoing Twin Peaks style plot about the Local Murder which Changed Everything (tm), but even that is merely interesting at the moment.

I *am* enjoying it, and to be fair I’ve only seen four episodes. I’ll definitely continue to watch because it’s an above average, intelligent drama with sparks of real darkness; the kind that you start off liking and end up loving with a fiery passion, without ever knowing where you crossed the line. Or maybe we’ll end up just being friends.

So am I missing something? Are my standards too high? Has my wrongheadedness finally strangled my remaining shreds of good judgement and made a bid for freedom? Convince me. In a non-spoilering way, obviously. 🙂

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