Don’t make me put you on The List

Things that annoy Iain1, Volume 1, Chapter 2:

Dear diary

2) Idiot documentaries that assume you haven’t seen or retained anything before the last commerical break, and waste achingly long minutes recapping the things they explained in great detail not five minutes earlier. And they do this after every single break. It’s like one of those “Previously on the first half of Tru Calling” things that would insult the intelligence of a Sky One viewer.

Come to think of it, this documentary was on Sky One, which would probably also explain why it was the most low-brow and salacious documentary on the Roman Empire that it’s possible to imagine. But it’s not just this one. I’ve noticed an increasing trend on all documentaries to assume that the audience has the mental reasoning capabity of a Celebrity Love Island viewer.

(Spinning off on a different tack, hurray for Season 2 of Battlestar Galactica ditching the spoilery “This Episode”-style credits sequence!)

1Don’t worry, there won’t be many more of these. Hardly anything annoys me. I’m like a mild mannered reporter for a major metropolitan newspaper, only without the silly underwear.

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