Of Mucous and Mars

Both Janet and I are feeling under the weather at the moment – nothing major, just the typical head cold where your body’s normal resources are diverted to the full-time production of mucous. Lovely. 😦 As a result we’ve spent the day intermittently pottering in the garden when we had the energy (gorgeous sunny day) and vegging in front of a mini Veronica Mars-athon (episodes 6 to 9). I’m still not quite convinced that it’s the Best Thing Ever In The History of Television, but it’s definitely growing on me. Her Dad is fantastic.

In other news, my birthday has (not before time!) come to an end today with the arrival of my final present – a set of Creative 2.1 computer speakers from my brother and sister. I’ve wanted some decent computer speakers for ages, because I only listen to music in the car or on my computer. My actual standalone CD player stopped working some years ago, so I cannibalised its speakers for use with my PC. Unfortunately they weren’t shielded so I couldn’t have them near the monitor without it having a trippy sixties flashback. Instead I placed them both at the same side of the PC, behind the curtains. Most experts agree that this is not the optimal arrangement for stereo speakers.

The new speakers are much smaller and properly shielded, with a subwoofer in a huge box that required the removal of several panels from my computer desk. The new set-up copes admirably with the Gladiator soundtrack, from quiet solos to big thumping action, and “Annie Waits” by Ben Folds has a big rich sound in all the right places. Me pleased.

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