Talk talk

A couple of lovely little quotes that caught my eye recently.

James Marsters talks about playing Brainiac on Smallville compared to playing Spike on Buffy:

“The thing I really love about this role, is that I have a very clear objective,” Marsters said. “I know my objective from the very beginning and it’s going to carry me through the whole season.

“That was the problem with Spike. In all honesty, that character had no objective 90 percent of the time. (laughs). I would have to make it up. (In Spike accent) ‘I’ve come in to kill Xander again, but I’ve changed my mind.

Dave McKean talks about setting up a computer-rendering studio for his Mirrormask movie with Neil Gaiman:

“The [computers] need at least three months to get to know each other before an animator goes anywhere near them,” says McKean. “I learned that computers are as human as the rest of us. Our technical director named all the machines after different bands. The four Macs in the edit suite were named after the Beatles; fair enough, I was John. But then we needed a fifth so he named it Yoko, and they all stopped talking to each other.”


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