Some random things floating through my brain today:

I’ve just joined the 21st centurybought a USB cable to connect my Motorola mobile phone to my PC. I know it’s nearly Christmas but, er, it was cheap and I wanted it now. (Now, dammit!) Am very impressed at its coolness and entirely frivolous ability to transfer photos on and off my phone. So very shiny. Now I just need to find a way to use the opening of the Firefly theme as my ringtone.

Seen on Sunderland newstand today: “DEFENDER RETURNS FOR CATS”. Sadly the story does not, as I’d gleefully imagined, concern a footballer hurriedly running off the pitch having forgotten to feed his cats.

I’m not saying standards have fallen at the BBC in recent years, but tonight’s episode of Rome was described by the (female) continuity announcer as “…girl-on-girl action in Rome here on BBC2”.

David Cameron may have out-Blaired Tony Blair at the ballot box, but it appears to have caused Maggie Thatcher to actually turn in her gravehairdresser’s. She’s “feeling faint”, apparently.

The Radio Times have foregone their typical Christmas cover of nostalgic bygone days of yore in favour of, yes, a nostalgic Tardis in a snow globe. Plus there’s a competition where you can own an actual Dalek. (Until it commits suicide because the Christmas turkey has tainted its racial purity.) It must signify something that Doctor Who merits higher billing than Christmas, I’m just not sure what. At least it wasn’t an Eastenders cover.

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