Keep taking the tablets

An interview with Joss Whedon about the usual: Serenity, Wonder Woman, Spike and Buffy comics. He seems to have taken his medication for this one.

Which is more than can be said for this one, as Joss prognosticates hilariously about what TV will be like in the future.

And this one, in which he’s clearly lost it entirely as he mourns the passing of the Universal Serenity message board.

Meanwhile this 2004-ish interview with David Fury talks at some length about the end of Buffy and Angel.1

1I found this one during a deeply unwise low-level fly-by of umtbvs. I’ve learned my lesson, and will henceforth leave the trolls to simmer gently in their own juices, icundell excepted of course. 🙂

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