Good news everyone

Deadwood looks like it’ll get a pair of two hour TV Movies to wrap up the story after Season 3. It’s such a good series that I’d hate to see it trail off into cancellation without a proper ending, so that’s a relief.

The article also mentions The Wire, another obsure-but-excellent show that’s been salvaged from limbo for a fourth season. Nominally it’s yet another crime drama (from journalist David Simon whose book inspired the TV show Homicide) but in execution it’s about as far from Law & Order or CSI as you’re ever likely to get. It’s a believable, sprawling take on crime and urban living; totally unglamorised and paced like a slow-burning novel. Like Deadwood it’s stuffed full of thematic material but so naturalistic that it seems like pure unfiltered reality unfolding in front of you. If you get a chance to watch it from the start of Season 1 I highly recommend it.

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