Doctor Who – Season 2

Nicked from parma_violets: Doctor Who Season report card with a score out of 5:

1. The Girl in the Fireplace (5/5)

2. School Reunion (4/5)
3. The Satan Pit (4/5)
4. Tooth and Claw (4/5)

5. Doomsday (3/5)
6. The Impossible Planet (3/5)
7. The Idiot’s Lantern (3/5)
8. Army of Ghosts (3/5)
9. Love & Monsters (3/5)
10. Fear Her (3/5)

11. The Age of Steel (2/5)

12 Rise of the Cybermen (1/5)
13. New Earth (1/5)

I think this sums up my feelings on the season: a handful of great episodes, but also a high proportion of merely middling episodes, or good episodes sunk by bad endings. Even in the mid-range there were some truly great moments, but the overall package wasn’t consistent enough.

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