The angst of the internet shopper

BBC News 24 can be an odd beast when it comes to reporting technology stories.

On the one hand they’ve just given lengthy free advertising to some new price comparison website for supermarkets because they appear to believe that this is the most amazingly amazing idea ever. Clearly the exciting nature of supermarkets elevates this wholly original new “invention” – as they termed it – to a whole new level.

On the other hand they’re reporting a survey that take-up of Broadband is increasing massively, and yet the general tenor of the article is that despite the fact that two-thirds of homes are predicted to have broadband within a year or two, the Government might not meet its broadband targets. Doom. More amusingly the presenter was looking both earnest and concerned at the idea that the UK’s average Broadband speeds are lower than those in Europe, asking why our broadband is “so comparatively slow”, and how much we’re missing out on. Obviously, anyone with a heart would be moved by the plight of thousands of people unable to browse Ebay to its fullest using a 2MB connection, but somehow this doesn’t feel like technology reporting at its most sophisticated.

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