Why then it’s not SF

From tonight’s Horizon on pandemic flu: “This vision of the future is not Science Fiction. It’s based on the very latest scientific research”. It then proceeded to show a fictional docudrama on what might possibly happen in the event of a worldwide pandemic killing millions. Which was not, repeat NOT science fiction.

I notice that the ever eclectic BBC4 is showing a short season of programmes celebrating British Science Fiction. By which it largely means British Cult TV with an SF tinge, but it looks entertaining at least. It seems as if they’re dusting off serialised showings of Adam Adamant Lives, Doctor Who (Spearhead from Space), The Crow Road, Day of the Triffids and Blake’s 7, interspersed with short new documentaries about British SF, and repeats of more modern stuff like the A for Andromeda remake and the HG Wells drama that was on recently. There’s even an interview with Iain Banks. Looks like slim pickings but there’s at least something in there I’ll watch.

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