This is both nerdy and cool at the same time, but I decided that the cool outweighed the nerdy. I have that capacity for self-deception.

If, like me, you were once a fan of Star Trek but drifted away as the modern spin-offs became ever more derivative, you may share some of my nostalgia for the original 1960s show. The recent Hi-Def remastering has certainly reawakened some of my fondness, so I went ‘a browsing on the internet (as we nerds do), and happened across these fascinating behind the scenes shots of the original Enterprise model. I had no idea that stuff like this existed from the 1960s.

The above shot (bizarrely juxtaposing the Enterprise and sixties cars) is from this page but there are a great many more pictures over at, including on-set shots of the cast, many of which seem to have undergone painstaking restoration work. That’s the photos, not William Shatner.

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