The generally entertaining Gadget Show on Channel 5 is running a campaign to get free wireless internet access on the streets of our cities, as has apparently already been done in, er, Norwich. While I remain sceptical that this is going to happen in any coordinated Government-led way, it does seem to have happened in Norwich so you never know. There’s a petition on their website if you’re interested.

Sad to say The Gadget Show is actually the closest thing to science programming on TV most weeks, and although it’s not always the most highbrow of shows its heart is in the right place. It’s that rarest of things, the genuinely IT literate TV show whose presenters know what they’re talking about and who actually geek out about shiny brushed aluminium gadgets and cool robots. Next week it looks like they’re testing stores like PC World to see if their staff actually know anything about computers. Seems like a foregone conclusion to me…

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