We’re off to see Tom McRae tomorrow night. Specifically we’re off to see a bit of Tom McRae, and an equal amount of several singer-songwriters we’ve never heard of. It’s an interesting idea so I hope I like some of the other artists who’ll be playing. To be honest I tend to enjoy most live music if it’s even remotely in a genre I listen to, and we seldom go out to gigs, so it should be good.

Mr McRae has just posted the following about the tour:

“Hotel Cafe, right. It’s a revue show, I hope we made that clear. Using my name, to present my friends to my audience. “My audience”, he said beating his chest, gorilla-like. Sorry to be possessive. I am well aware I share you with many other artists…. one or two who may even be marginally more successful than me (hard to believe I know)….but I look out night after night and see you, and I want to own your souls, if only for a couple of hours. Obviously I sold mine long ago, so I’m thinking if I can check yours out, maybe I can find one that fits. What the fuck am I talking about? You try doing this at half past bastard o’clock in the morning on a tour bus that is being blown every which way… supply your own easy joke if you must. The artistes… like the ‘e’ we added?… vaudeville style dontcha know….the ‘artistes’ on this tour are incredible. All different, all amazing, all actually my friends. We all play a couple of songs, with me starting – so get there early – and then we all come back again and do more, and then we sing with each other, and then we forget what we’re doing, and then we start to bump each to each other, drop guitars, and generally run headlong into chaos until someone makes us leave the stage. It is different. But it is special too, and we all took big risks to bring this show to this country, and I would love more than anything for this idea to take hold, and for the Hotel Cafe tour to become a show where you can regularly find new artists, and see something less sanitised than the vanilla-flavoured white bread that is our thrilling pop culture. Yes, I am just as bitter and fucked off as always, in case you think America is making me sentimental and soft.”

I admire that man’s ability to ramble, I have to say. Sounds interesting, though.

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