Torchwood – “Random Shoes”

Not only did the world not need an inferior1 remake of Love & Monsters, this episode felt so at odds with the tone of the rest of the series that it may as well have been Doctor Who. Having said that, it wasn’t actively sleazy which once again scores it points on the notsleazyometer, and elevates it to one of the more straightforward and competent episodes that Torchwood has produced. Which only goes to show how mediocre the benchmark is. Once again it’s a half decent (if uninspired) episode of something, but nothing about it demands to be an episode of Torchwood, whose characters and premise add very little.

EDIT: Janet points out that the story – of someone gaining perspective on their life through supernatural means – is reminiscent of A Christmas Carol and so really should have been a Christmas episode. 🙂

1 Yes, you heard me, Love & Monsters was good. It’s been scientifically proven.

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