Science Horizons

Janet has pointed me towards Science Horizons, the website for “a national series of conversations about new technologies, the future and society… …set up by the UK government”.

It looks like a series of national discussions about the public’s views on science and technology and where they’re heading in the future. As well as the pre-organised discussions, you can even set up your own small group discussion about the future:

“The pack contains some information and images about what life might be like in 2025 based on the views of experts. But these are not predictions of what will happen – just some possibilities to get people talking. We have included some information about the science behind these possibilities, and some links to where you can find more information if you want it, but you don’t have to have a special interest in the subject to take part.”

You then enter the group’s views online before 25th June 2007. Nifty.

As Janet said this morning, wouldn’t it be great if people with an active interest in science, who are actually intelligent and rightheaded1, were to do a few of these. You know: SF fans. Make a nice change from the luddites who make up the bulk of the UK population. Put power back in the hands of the elitist SF snobs, that’s what I say!

1 Sort of.

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