Sci-Fi, meet Drama

Sky Continuity Announcer after SG-1 this week: “Coming up next, sci-fi meets drama in Battlestar Galactica”. Because, as we know, sci-fi and drama are normally mutually exclusive. Last week the same announcer’s line was: “Forget Sci-Fi, this is real drama.” Bad enough he says these things over the end credits of Stargate SG-1, but what is this fascination with trying to promote Battlestar Galactica by simultaneously distancing it from and belittling other Sci-Fi shows?

Meanwhile this week’s episode of SG-1 included a not so subtle dig at the programme’s cancellation:

Guest Character: I’m a bit disapointed at this facility, I was expecting more.
Carter: Well at times so do we, the truth is the Stargate program doesn’t get the support it used to from the people in charge.
Guest Character: That’s too bad ’cause after all your Stargate program has accomplished for this network – of planets, I would think the decision makers would show it the respect it deserves.

There were a couple of other sly digs in there too. Luckily, although the news of cancellation came too late to wrap up the show’s plot threads, there are a couple of TV movies in the pipeline, one of which will apparently deal with the Ori storyline.

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