Who, mainly

David Tennant is on board Doctor Who for the entire fourth season (following the upcoming third season)–according to the possibly unreliable Daily Mirror at least (via Outpost Gallifrey). This comes as a mild relief to me if true: as frustratingly variable as Tennant’s performance can sometimes be, the last thing the show needs is a succession of very short-lived Doctors. This way it gets the chance to settle down a bit.

I just caught Jonathan Ross on BBC1 praising the first couple of episodes of the new series following a press screening. I’ve no idea what this actually means about the quality of the episodes.

Meawhile those who want to avoid Doctor Who spoilers should avoid the Sci-Fi Wire website, whose idea of spoiler space appears to be putting “and (spoiler alert!) Darth Vader turns out to be Luke’s Dad” in the middle of a sentence. Not so much a spoiler warning as a spoiler sucker punch. (I should know better since they’re also one of those genre news sites who regard plot rumours as news).

Interesting snippet from Alfonso Cuaron on the Children of Men DVD in a brief interview over at www.aintitcool.com:

AICN: You had quite a few screenwriters on the movie. Can you talk about how that evolved?

ALFONSO CUARON: …I don’t want to say anything else about all this amount of writers… whoever has read a book by PD James has a credit as a writer here. This screenplay was written by Tim Sexton and myself. If I would credit another writer, it would be Clive Owen…From the moment that he got involved. Tim and I we worked with Clive a couple of weeks in a hotel room in New York, focusing his character. His instincts were so great that then we asked, “Can we pester you with the rest of the script?” He (worked with us) with that and he was amazing.

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