Some comics goodness that caught my attention:

There’s a well-written piece by Jonathan Ross in The Guardian about his “In Search of Steve Ditko” documentary for BBC4’s Comics Britannia strand.

They’re making Angel: After the Fall, the officially sanctioned continuation of Angel in comics form. Given how perfectly the series ended I can’t say I’m much interested in reading it, but this Tony Harris cover is a lovely image, even if the Spike likeness is a bit off. It looks suspiciously like a John Constantine Hellblazer cover.

I’m not reading the Buffy Season 8 comic either, although I may pick up the trade paperback since Joss is actually ‘executive producing’ and writing for it and the latest arc is by the ever-impressive Brian K Vaughan1. Jo Chen’s covers continue to impress with the latest two issues: Faith vs Buffy and Giles

1 Who pitched it to Joss, apparently, as “Faith the Slayer Slayer”.

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