Kitchen Squee, Part Trois

Waaay back in July we had our kitchen redone, something that had been a very long time coming even then.

We were pretty delighted with the results and have been cooking our hearts out (not literally) ever since, but the floor has still been bare all this time. This is partly down to my having a few nightmare months at work which left no time for anything else, but partly it’s just seemed impossible to find a bloody tiler! At one stage I rang four local tilers in one day, and not a single one answered the phone or returned my answerphone messages. (I was using the safetrade website as I didn’t just want to randomly pluck someone from the yellow pages without a recommendation). Finally one guy sent someone out to take a look, and promised us an estimate. Two weeks later we hadn’t received it so I rang to chase it and was promised it in the post that day. Two weeks after that we still hadn’t received it and gave up. We were beginning to wonder if we’d have the thing done in time for Christmas.

However after much ado we finally found someone who came in and did the work today. I can now introduce to you our fully armed and operational kitchen. With floor. Drum roll please.

And just to remind you where we started:

Before After

It’s taken months, but we got there in the end.

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