Very briefly:

Pretty good. Probably more enjoyable than last year, although hardly original and stuffed full of familiar licks. Typically for RTD there were lots of really fun one-liners, some slightly too broad humour, and illogical and inconsistent plotting. David Tennant was on good form, the supporting character actors did well, and Kylie was fine even if she was guaranteed 100% dead the moment she signed on as a companion. The Host were a bit too Robots of Death-meets-Axons with stupid weapons but still oddly sinister villains. Overall it was good fun, and pleasingly cynical about Christmas while also really deeply sappy.

The preview of next year looked interesting. See: Sontarans! See: Pompeii explode! See: A tiny glimpse of Martha. See: Catherine Tate be exactly as annoying as I feared. I really hope I warm to her or next season will be interminable.

Oh, and was the opening theme funked up or was my stereo mix a bit off?

Now, back to the snacks and alcohol!

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