Film 2007

I’ve already posted the outcome of one of last year’s resolutions, which was to Read More Books! Nine whole books. Kinda pitiful, ain’t it? You can say it.

Movie-wise I managed a more respectable 31 films seen for the first time last year. Only 15 of these were at the cinema, which is not quite enough to justify paying Cineworld £10.99 a month for the privilege of sitting at home feeling too knackered to go out.

At the cinema

1. Apocalypto (middling)
2. Blood Diamond (flawed but gripping)
3. 300 (offensive but cool)
4. Hot Fuzz (disappointing, then good)
5. The Curse of the Golden Flower (beautiful, sterile)
6. Spider-man 3 (butler ex machina)
7. 28 Weeks Later (short, sharp)
8. Pirates of the Caribbean 3 (the very definition of bloated)
9. The Simpsons (funny but runs out of steam)
10. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (best of the series to date)
11. Ratatouille (warm, funny, not quite A-list)
12. Stardust (extremely likeable)
13. The Last Legion (idiotic but strangely enjoyable)
14. Elizabeth: The Golden Age (excellent if overblown)
15. The Golden Compass (better than Narnia)

At home

1. Jarhead (bleakly amusing)
2. Solaris (moody but lacking substance)
3. Munich (powerful and slow-burning)
4. The Departed (solid but too contrived)
5. Saving Private Ryan (not as good as Band of Brothers)
6. Last King of Scotland (very good but not great)
7. Superman Returns (yawn)
8. Mission: Impossible III (above average)
9. The Bourne Identity (good)
10. The Bourne Supremacy (the same film again)
11. Strangers on a Train (a true classic)
12. Beast from 20,000 Fathoms (Ray Harryhausen! Lee Van Cleef!)
13. United 93 (stunning)
14. The Wrong Man (unusual, documentary-style Hitchcock)
15. High Noon (#do not forsake my oh my darling)
16. Lifeboat (excellent early Hitchcock)

The list of films-we-meant-to-see-but-didn’t is far more significant than the list of films we saw. This calls for a poll, therefore! So, which of the following should we try to catch up on?

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