Just for the sake of argument

So let’s say, hypothetically, that I haven’t treated myself to any gadgetry in ages and I have money burning a hole in my personal account.

Let’s posit, further, that an iPod Nano would be cool for any number of reasons including letting Janet listen to mp3s around the house (using an iPod speaker dock of some sort).

And thirdly, let’s suggest that I’d really like to plug this iPod into a car stereo (either our current one or a new one) in a way that doesn’t involve FM transmitters, gives decent sound quality, and lets me navigate to a required song in less time that it takes to complete my journey.

Any suggestions?

I don’t mind trailing cables, but if I was to plug the thing into the back of a car stereo how would I go about getting the cable through the dashboard? Are there facias? Are cigarette-lighter connections any good? Is it better to get a stereo with a jack on the front? I’ve done some googling but the internet is vast and full of cheap electrical outlets selling a baffling array of poorly explained kits.

In short: help!

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