Random things from my brain. Mainly Masterchef-related.

1. Hurrah! The right person won Masterchef, which was in some doubt given John Torode’s stalker-level love for Emily. Eeeemily. I can’t believe he nearly burst into tears over one of her desserts.

2. I really hate it when TV presenters talk just off to one side of the camera as if they’re engaging in a deep conversation with someone just over your left shoulder. It’s TV. We know there’s a camera there. Just pretend to look me in the eye, dammit! See also: The Real Hustle.

3. Even if Snow Patrol never sold another album the BBC would keep them in royalties for years to come.

4. Have you noticed that no-one in adverts ever wears glasses except when the advert is for glasses? As soon as you spot someone looking implausibly trendy in a pair of specs you know what the advert will be for.

5. What is it with Torchwood and People Who Tragically Know They Must Die? I don’t think they’ve actually had another plotline this season. Last night’s BBC3 episode was pretty decent, though, in a Whedon-esque kinda way.

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