Conehead no more

It’s over. Charcy has been back to the vets and after 9 long days has been declared officially healed, so we’ve removed the dreaded cone. Big relief. She was so very unhappy before, slinking around, hardly eating and generally laid flat out looking miserable somewhere. She couldn’t wash, so her head was all dusty no matter how we tried to clean it, and her backside was becoming increasingly matted and horrible looking. She finally resorted to licking the inside of the cone since it was the only thing she could actually keep clean. She’d probably decided it was here to stay.

Be-coned. Awwww.

Guilty owner showers pathetic cat with attention:
Me, a cat and a cone

Charcy washing

She’s very relieved and is washing frantically. So much so that she’s already licked the area around the stitches red raw, but the vet said to leave her to it so that’s what we’re doing. Apparently the stitches should come out gradually. I’m betting it takes about a day.

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