Bit worried about our little three-legged cat Pixie who is uncharacteristically quiet at the moment. She’s sleeping most of the time (nothing new there) but hasn’t eaten much of anything since Sunday. She’ll hardly nibble at tuna flakes from my hand, won’t touch her favourite cat treats, and licks her lips a lot as if thirsty but won’t drink water. She also seems a bit shaky, and won’t go outside unless I carry her out, when she has a desultory scout around the flower bed and then returns to her bed indoors.

I’ve checked inside her mouth and can’t see anything obviously wrong there. We’re taking her to the vets tomorrow night to see what’s up, but I hope it’s nothing serious. (Plus our other cat, Charcy, has Cystitis again and is weeing small drops of blood all around the house, but these days that’s a semi-regular occurrence which generally clears up on its own.)

Por cats.

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