To our great relief Pixie is feeling much better. I can tell this because she’s resumed her customary practice of waking us an hour before we’re due to get up and snuggling in next to us in the bed, and then miaowing when she feels enough time has passed that she probably ought to be fed. In Pixie’s world there is a strict daily rota and we fall sadly short of her high standards. Janet was so delighted she’s recovering that she didn’t even complain about being woken up.

We really did think she might be on her way out if she didn’t start eating and drinking soon.

The vet yesterday evening gave her a dose of antibiotics and that’s what seems to have turned her around – within a few hours her appetite started coming back and when Janet let the tap run over her palm Pixie lapped thirstily at the running water for several minutes. Hardly surprising since she gets most of her water from her food and she hasn’t been eating. She’s still a bit picky and her appetite isn’t fully back, but I think she’s out of the woods.

Our part of the bargain is having to squirt antibiotics down her throat twice daily for a week, something that we more often have to do for Charcoal than Pixie. It was surprisingly easy this morning, but I suspect that’s because she didn’t know what we were up to. I’m expecting more of a struggle tonight.

(The vet told us that if we parted her gums and squirted the pipette through her clenched teeth this would work without needing to prise her jaws open; certainly it seemed to work and it’s less traumatic).

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