Mwah ha ha ha ha ha

Inspired by ajr and my need to impose order on our sprawling Heap o’ Books, as previously detailed here, we went out this week and bought the tallest bookshelves IKEA had to offer, then bought the extra bits that made them taller, then bought extra shelves for them.

This weekend we de-stacked all the books, dismantled the old bookcases, assembled the new ones and (a first for me) attached them to the wall so they can’t fall over and crush us.


Behold the power of our fully operational bookcase:


(click to embiggen)

And we still have books left over. I’ve deliberately left some gaps to accommodate my wife’s book habit, but the other Heap o’ Books in the bedroom already needs thinning out so I don’t think this pristine tidiness will last long before the horizontal stacking returns to haunt us.

Oh, and don’t worry, although we have indeed walled-in half the cupboard, we can still just about get to the light switch…

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