Part-man, part-vegetable

I spent most of yesterday closely resembling a vegetable1. Much of the day was squandered resting my por ded back which inexplicably went twang on Saturday night, and has just as inexplicably healed itself today.

The rest of the day was more profitably squandered on some intensive lounging. I also listened to The Bugle, a comedy-news podcast thing which reminds me strongly of Radio 4’s The Now Show but features John Oliver (the British guy from The Daily Show) and Andy Zaltzman. The lovely Dan and Aileen led me to listen to this, and it’s amusing and rightheaded. But then, so are they.

This in turn led me to catch up on some of The Daily Show which is thankfully available to us denizens of the UK via the Channel 4’s 4 on Demand.

And finally we indulged my wife’s penchant for Sharpe by watching part 2 of Sharpe’s Peril, a newly-minted drama featuring a less-than-newly-minted Sean Bean, and copious amounts of mild peril, mild heroism and mild villainy. I’m not exactly an expert on Sharpe, but I have to say this was much more successful than last year’s lukewarm Sharpe’s Challenge, if only because it engaged with the characters rather than just reiterating them. Not that Sharpe is ever much more than an enjoyable potboiler at the best of times: when your untrustworthy character is called Silas Wormwood you’re not dwelling in the realms of subtlety.

1 No change there, you may say2

2 And not even an amusingly-shaped vegetable

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