Film 2008

Yes I’m still doing reviews of 2008. I only managed 28 films last year, as recorded on 52 Film Challenge. Barely over halfway!

1. I Am Legend – Misjudged CGI but darker and less linear than expected.
2. Charlie Wilson’s War – Political black comedy with Sorkin’s trademark wit.
3. No Country for Old Men – Quiet, deliberate and gripping. Great dialogue.
4. Sweeney Todd – Every inch a traditional musical, just a really macabre one.
5. 3:10 To Yuma – Interesting characters but the ending feels unearned.
6. Flags Of Our Fathers – Thoughtful but meandering.
7. Letters From Iwo Jima – Beautiful and powerful though not quite a classic.
8. The Lives of Others – Bleak yet life affirming.
9. Iron Man – Effortlessly propped up by Robert Downey Jr.
10. Michael Clayton – Numb but quietly satisfying thriller.
11. Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull – Nostalgic but misjudged.
12. Cloverfield – More like a First-Person Shooter than a film.
13. Jumper – Even more under-developed than you’d expect.
14. Enemy of the State – Flips from conspiracy thriller to actioner much too abruptly.
15. The Wind That Shakes The Barley – Strong IRA tale with an awkward second half.
16. Hollywoodland – Noirish and melancholy. In a good way.
17. The Bourne Ultimatum – Consistently entertaining but never raises your heart rate.
18. The Dark Knight – Hardboiled organised crime flick with supervillains.
19. The Searchers – Stunning cinematography but dated and uneven.
20. Hellboy 2: The Golden Army – Fantastic art design, cartoonish characterisation.
21. Transformers – Moronic.
22. Them! – Admirably naturalistic, but very slow.
23. Pi – a deeply weird, stylistically beautiful movie.
24. Futurama: The Beast With A Billion Backs – hilarious in places, but runs out of steam.
25. Wanted – so hugely over-impressed with itself you just want to slap it.
26. Seraphim Falls – a sparse Western about vengeance and forgiveness.
27. The Day The Earth Stood Still (the remake) – preachy but still interesting.
28. Quantum of Solace – Decent Bond flick, but always in the shadow of Casino Royale.

We also caught up with a fair few rewatches. Over the Christmas period I ended up watching A Muppet Christmas Carol, Patrick Stewart’s A Christmas Carol, and Bill Murray’s Scrooged. That’s quite enough epiphanies for one year.

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