Hugo 2021 eligibility

I’ve never done this as a blog post before, but as I’ve been nominated a couple of times and have been specifically asked what artwork is eligible for this year’s Fan Art Hugo award, I’m feeling brave. So, should you be one of those fabulous people who inexplicably cares, my works that first appeared in 2021 and are definitely eligible (because they were published or exhibited somewhere other than my Twitter feed and this website!) include:

Glasgow Green Woman

Glasgow Green Woman (2021)
Acrylics on stretched 220gsm paper

Aka ‘Glasgow Green Lady’, this one is a sequel of sorts to the Green Woman piece I did for Dublin 2019. It’s my attempt to create a nature spirit, surrounded by plants native to Scotland including, of course, the Thistle.

This was used on postcards to promote the Glasgow bid in April 2021. I’m delighted to say it’s been longlisted for the BSFA 2021 Best Artwork award.

The framing and layout is a development of the classic railway poster idea that I used on Shipbuilding Over the Clyde, but allowing the artwork to expand to the full frame beneath the text. I didn’t design the logo; that was the tirelessly creative, Hugo Award-winning Sara Felix.

You can find a video of me talking about the Glasgow Green Woman and the Spring into Summer campaign painting on the Glasgow 2024 YouTube channel.

You can support the bid here:

Sailing Over Glasgow (2021)
Acrylics on stretched 220gsm paper

I had an almost fairy tale image in my mind of a sailing ship suspended in the air. I combined that with a view of the Tollbooth Steeple in Glasgow, the sunset lending both a vivid sky and a crepuscular shadow to the buildings.

This was used on postcards to promote the Glasgow bid in December 2021. As with the Glasgow Green Lady the layout is a development of the classic railway poster idea.

You can find a video of me talking about the Sailing Over Glasgow painting on the Glasgow 2024 YouTube channel.

Blake’s 7: Stardrive (2021)
Acrylics on stretched 220gsm paper

This painting appeared in the Blake’s 7 Annual 1982 from Cult Edge published in 2021. It’s a fan-created hardcover book to fill the gap left by there being no actual Blake’s 7 annual celebrating the final series of the show in 1982. It’s chock-full of astounding stories, articles and illustrations of which mine is but one minor part! It’s also in aid of charity, with money going to Save The Children UK and Axminster and Lyme Cancer Support. The book has been longlisted for the BSFA 2021 Best Non-Fiction award., making it the second project I’m involved with that’s on the BSFA longlist (although I don’t pretend this one is because of me!)

I chose the episode Stardrive not because it’s a particular favourite of mine (although it has an iconic ending) but because the characters were so much fun to paint and the chase scene with the Scorpio, three Federation Pursuit Ships and an asteroid seemed like an opportunity for an interesting composition. The actors are Hammer icon Barbara Shelley as Dr Plaxton and Damien Thomas as Atlan.

The piece is fully painted except for the green HUD behind the Scorpio spaceship which was, as they say, added in post-production.

Tim Barlow as Tyssan from Destiny of the Daleks (2021)
Acyrlics on stretched 220 gms paper

I was approached to provide a painting for a charity anthology called Tales of Time:Tales of Time: Stories From the Cast of Doctor Who: that appeared in November 2021 in aid of cancer research. The brief was to paint one of the contributors and I chose Tim Barlow, who played Tyssan in Destiny of the Daleks. He has a very distinctive look, and of course who can resist painting a Dalek… (Believe it or not I’d never painted one before.) This kind of thing is a great opportunity to do something in a good cause while indulging my love of fan art.

William Hartnell and Jodie Whittaker from Doctor Who
Calligraphy marker on 250gsm paper

I had a lockdown flurry of fan art in 2021. Many of the pieces were full paintings or very detailed ink drawings, but I also did a strand of sketches done with Calligraphy marker pen straight onto paper with no planning or under-drawing. They don’t always work, but I’ve been quite pleased with the results and they’re great practice at focusing on what really matters in a likeness.

These two appeared on Doctor Who: The Community Show in August 2021 which was extremely flattering and also makes them eligible for the Hugo category!

Other art from 2021

These aren’t my only work from 2021 — not by a long margin! — but they are the ones that are definitely eligible. I produced many more paintings for Glasgow in 2024 than the ones above during 2021, many of which have started to appear as postcards. I also produced a huge amount of fan art in 2021, much of which is on my website — mostly Doctor Who related plus a bit of Cadfael and Sherlock Holmes.

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