Finalist for BSFA Best Artwork award 2021

I’m absolutely thrilled to say that my ‘Glasgow Green Woman‘ painting for Glasgow in 2024 is a finalist for the BSFA Best Artwork award 2021. Congrats to all the nominees!

You can find a video of me talking about the painting and the Spring into Summer campaign on the Glasgow 2024 YouTube channel:

I also wrote about the process of creating the picture in issue 62 of Journey Planet (“Crafting during COVID”) including some work-in-progress and preparatory pictures:…/issue-62-craft-during… (free pdf download).

You can even *cough* buy a print of the painting in my Etsy shop… 🙂

The green face of a smiling woman, her eyes closed, small tusk protruding from her lower lip, descends about two-thirds of the way down from the top right corner of the image.  She sports massive brown sheep's horns on her head.  She had no body, her face attached to a coalescence of Scottish plants in white, yellow, red, purple, pink and green which take up the majority of the top right portion of the image.  The white backdrop shows through this mass of plants.  The woman is smelling a single purple thistle with spiky leaves that rises from near the bottom left corner.

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