Acrylic painting on cold-pressed watercolour block.

The euphoric Azure, played by Rochenda Sandall in Doctor Who Series 13: “Flux”.

You can buy prints and originals of my artwork in my Etsy shop.

Alt text: “Azure faces us, eyes heavy lidded, mouth slightly open, arms outstretched by her sides. Her face is pallid and skull-like but sparkles with blue crystals around the eye and jaw, while her bald head is mottled with oranges and a sinuous crack reveals purple geode crystals. Behind her is a lightly textured black background covered with sinuous blue green leafy tendrils radiating out from her body, which mirror the embroidered decoration on her high-collared coat.”

Artwork copyright © Iain J Clark 2021.

Doctor Who is copyright © British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) 1963, 2021. No infringement of this copyright is either implied or intended.

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