Drummer (Cara Gee)

Acrylic on 250gsm art paper.

“This is your sharpness!”

Acrylic painting of Drummer from The Expanse, wonderfully portrayed by Cara Gee.  (‘Like’ my page for more art updates).  I was heavily inspired to paint this picture by the amazing Lang Belta workshop at Dublin 2019, which was run by @Paine_MacTane.

Alt text=”Drummer wears her hair black hair pulled tightly back, dark liner around her eyes. She looks intently to our left, her neck tattoo visible, against a backdrop of the word Beltalowda and the Tycho Station logo.”

See my Etsy shop for prints and original artwork.  You can find Work in Progress pictures of this painting on my Facebook Artist page here.  You can buy prints and originals of my artwork in my Etsy shop.

Artwork copyright © Iain J Clark 2019.

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