Glasgow Green Woman

Glasgow Green Woman

Glasgow Green Woman (2021)
Acrylics on stretched 220gsm paper

Aka ‘Glasgow Green Lady’, this one is a sequel of sorts to the Green Woman piece I did for Dublin 2019. It’s my attempt to create a nature spirit, surrounded by plants native to Scotland including, of course, the Thistle.

Alt text: “The green face of a smiling woman, her eyes closed, small tusk protruding from her lower lip, descends about two-thirds of the way down from the top right corner of the image. She sports massive brown sheep’s horns on her head. She had no body, her face attached to a coalescence of Scottish plants in white, yellow, red, purple, pink and green which take up the majority of the top right portion of the image. The white backdrop shows through this mass of plants. The woman is smelling a single purple thistle with spiky leaves that rises from near the bottom left corner.”

This was used on postcards to promote the Glasgow bid in April 2021. I’m delighted to say it’s been longlisted for the BSFA 2021 Best Artwork award.

The framing and layout is a development of the classic railway poster idea that I used on Shipbuilding Over the Clyde, but allowing the artwork to expand to the full frame beneath the text. I didn’t design the logo; that was the tirelessly creative, Hugo Award-winning Sara Felix.

You can find a video of me talking about the Glasgow Green Woman and the Spring into Summer campaign painting on the Glasgow 2024 YouTube channel.

You can support the bid here:

You can buy a print of this painting over at my Etsy shop along with other original paintings and prints.
Original artwork © Iain Clark 2021.

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