Star Trek: Original Series (1988)

Star Trek TV montage (1988) (c)iainjclark_1000

Pencil on cartridge paper.

A pencil drawing of the original Star Trek series, done when I was a teenager back in 1988.

Alt text=”Pencil drawing shaped like an old round-cornered TV screen. In the centre is the original TV USS Enterprise, with scenes from Star Trek TOS around the outside. Clockwise from Top Left: Uhura and Chekov smile with a tribble, the Enterprise approaches the gigantic single-celled creature from The Immunity Syndrome, Scotty wearing rubber gloves to electrify the shuttlecraft in The Galileo Seven, a topless Sulu brandishes a sword in The Naked Time, a wild-eyed McCoy grabs a passerby from City on the Edge of Forever, Kirk holding a phaser begins to dematerialise on the transporter pad, Spock cries out as a space jellyfish lands on his back in Operation: Annihilate.”

Artwork copyright © Iain J Clark 2018.

Star Trek is a registered trademark of CBS Corporation. No infringement of this copyright is either implied or intended.

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