The Twelfth Planet


Acrylic on 250gsm art paper, with digital lettering.

Some fan art for the 50th anniversary of the Cybermen in Doctor Who.  This was inspired by Peter Capaldi saying he’d like to encounter the Mondasian Cybermen from William Hartnell’s final story, ‘The Tenth Planet’. The lettering is loosely based on the title card for each episode.

[This painting was originally a whimsical bit of ‘what if’ at a time when having such a quintessentially ‘Sixties design in the modern show seemed vanishingly unlikely. Of course the show has since canonised the Twelfth Doctor facing Mondasian Cybermen (with a subtly changed design) in Series 10, making this an odd precursor to a real story. You can’t keep a good idea down…]

Artwork copyright © Iain J Clark 2016.

Doctor Who is copyright © British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) 1963, 2016. No infringement of this copyright is either implied or intended.

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