Okay, our lovely Philips widesceen television is looking more than a little unwell. It’s not actually dead yet, but if this were a Spaghetti Western then someone would have just taken its measurements. Prognosis not good. 😦

Darn thing cost £1,000 about 18 months ago, but foolishly we didn’t invest in the extended warranty on account of being broke because we’d just bought a widescreen telly.

So here we are, six months out of guarantee, and the tube’s gone plink. The picture looks like nothing so much as a crappy back-projected TV with horrible over-exposed highlights and a strange gauzy red tint over everything. Worse, I check online and the review forums are full of people complaining of the *exact same problem* for this model, which apparently has a dodgy tube. Where were these people when I was meticulously researching the best TV 18 months ago, that’s what I want to know!


Comet have already given me the runaround on the idea of getting a free replacement, so I’ve resigned myself to trying our local TV repair shop. Fingers crossed that the repair will cost significantly less than the TV, otherwise it’s brand new telly time again.