All the mope ever

Tom McRae has released a live album through his website shop. He sounds great live, and it’s a decent track selection recorded at various venues around Europe last year. Mine’s already on order.

Meanwhile the irrepressible Dan “Don’t call me irrepressible” Hartland has a rootsy new EP out. But you knew that. I was lazy and bought it on iTunes.

Anyway, all this leaves me musing…

Musical ramblings

Having purchased an iPod recently I’m feeling a renewed interest in all things musical and have invested in a few albums of varying quality. Inevitably therefore comes the rambling post about a shedload of music.  I’ve put up a few tracks to download here and there. Tracks removed as they were killing my bandwidth allowance. 🙂

Josh Ritter – The Animal Years

The internet is broken again

Gah! I keep getting emails from my ISP telling us we’re x amount over our website’s daily bandwidth allowance, and as a result our entire website has been taken down (or ‘archived’) until I apologise and agree to play nicely.

Some of you may remember the incident in which Dan Hartland ate our website after I naively hosted a large video of him on the Gadget show (now to be found here instead.) It’s like that.

Except, it isn’t. I’d love to be that popular, but without Dan’s special brand of internet charisma working for us there’s just no way our humble site of photographs is exceeding 250 MB of traffic a day. (Even allowing for the fact that I store all my LJ files and pictures there.) After checking our webstats we do indeed seem to be below 250 MB a day, despite emails telling us we’re up to 150MB OVER that limit.

I’ve raised it with the ISP who responded as follows: “We have seen a few reports of sites being archived for going over the bandwidth allowance when it appears they haven’t. I have added your account to the open problem so we can check and confirm this further so the alert may well be in error.”

So, okay, maybe if they knew it was happening they could have let everyone know, but that’ll do in a pinch. Or it would, if we hadn’t received yet another email this morning, and if our site hadn’t been archived yet again. Once more we seem to be within our limit, and it’s very frustrating. We do keep resisting moving from because I don’t want the hassle of changing our website’s domain, but I’m seriously thinking about getting it hosted elsewhere.

EDIT 24/2/08: “Dear Mr Clark, I have restored your site. I’m sorry for the inconvenience, this problem should be fixed now so hopefully it won’t happen again.” Hurray!