Finishing touches

We’re having a bit of a minor flurry of DIY at the moment (for some unknown reason…), getting things done around the house we’ve been meaning to finish for ages. And by ages I mean years.

One is this little bit of wall tiling in the kitchen. Very modest by most standards, but I’m really pleased with the results. The tiles have a lovely rustic feel, complement the terracotta wall colours in the kitchen perfectly, and (crucially) make the area next to the bin and the cat litter tray a lot more resilient/waterproof. Also this is my first foray into tiling, and it’s gone pretty well. They’re Elios ‘Cotto’ tiles, for what it’s worth.

Also in the above left pic you can see our swanky new spice rack. Made (you may gasp) by sticking three spice racks together and screwing them to the wall. This really is incredibly convenient. These days we use quite a few herbs and spices, and now they’re readily to hand rather than stuffed into any and every bit of space on the window ledge.

Kitchen Squee, Part Trois

Waaay back in July we had our kitchen redone, something that had been a very long time coming even then.

We were pretty delighted with the results and have been cooking our hearts out (not literally) ever since, but the floor has still been bare all this time. This is partly down to my having a few nightmare months at work which left no time for anything else, but partly it’s just seemed impossible to find a bloody tiler! At one stage I rang four local tilers in one day, and not a single one answered the phone or returned my answerphone messages. (I was using the safetrade website as I didn’t just want to randomly pluck someone from the yellow pages without a recommendation). Finally one guy sent someone out to take a look, and promised us an estimate. Two weeks later we hadn’t received it so I rang to chase it and was promised it in the post that day. Two weeks after that we still hadn’t received it and gave up. We were beginning to wonder if we’d have the thing done in time for Christmas.

However after much ado we finally found someone who came in and did the work today. I can now introduce to you our fully armed and operational kitchen. With floor. Drum roll please.


Kitchen Squee, Part Deux

Oui, c’est vrai. Our kitchen is very nearly finished.

Okay, there’s still the floor tiles and the wall paint which we haven’t even chosen yet. We’re trying to decide whether vivid walls or nice bland warm walls are the way to go. The floor will probably be some kind of grey slate or slate-effect tiles.

Leaving that aside, the granite is fitted, the hob works, and we can taste the delights of not-microwaved vegetables for the first time in two weeks. It’s a nice place to be, and we’re really happy with the way it looks.

Yet more pictures…

Kitchen squee

So as I’ve mentioned before we’ve been getting our kitchen redone. It’s one of our long-standing goals to get rid of our cramped and cluttered kitchen but we dithered for so long over whether to get a house extension that we’ve only now got around to doing it.

Once we actually got started (and finally found a builder) it’s gone incredibly quickly. We pulled up the floor about a week and a half ago, and then the contractors came in. Within the next five days we had one window bricked up, one replaced, and the room was stripped clean, wired and fully plastered.

This week they’ve installed the units and the remainder of the electrical wiring and plumbing, leaving just the self-indulgent granite worktops to go before the last touches can go in like the hob and the kitchen tap. Then we just need to paint the walls and tile the floor.

I have to say, even with the walls and floor still bare and the worktops missing we’re over-the-moon with the transformation. There’s now actual space to move around. It feels like a real kitchen for the first time in the five years we’ve lived here. It feels strangely like a kitchen showroom in fact, but once we get stuff in the cupboards and the worktops fitted it’ll be more like ours.

Those averse to before and after pictures should avert their eyes now.

Yeesh, always with the pictures.