Well that was completely, embarrassingly terrible from start to finish. And not even in a good way.

It has pilot-episode-by-numbers so deeply encoded into its DNA that it’s as if it was automatically generated by screenwriting software. On top of that it boasts an absolutely stupid premise, hilarious sub-CSI “sexy” archaeology, stultifying attempts at emotional depth and the least atmospheric riff on The Da Vinci Code meets The Last Crusade that it’s possible to imagine. The one-dimensional villain and his nil-dimensional henchmen are rivalled only by a cast of heroes written so thinly and played so unconvincingly that it’s nearly impossible to believe you’re not already watching the Dead Ringers spoof. I’m hard pressed to find a single redeeming feature. Shame on you Matthew Graham and Ashley Pharoah.

Some Things

I was going to post about Tom McRae’s mixed bag of a new album, and my struggle to get back into doing some art for the first time in years. However I’ve accidentally switched my brain into standby mode so those topics will have to wait.

In the meantime, here are some links. Use them wisely. Use them in peace.

There’s an Oxford Dictionary of Science Fiction, apparently.

Russia launches cyber-attack against Estonia. Allegedly. It’s less exciting than it sounds, but you get the feeling that if the real world just picked up the pace a little it might catch a glimpse of science fiction on the horizon.

The finalists in the Best visual illusions of the year competition. I quite like the extremely simple leaning tower illusion.