If real life were like an internet forum.

So true. Thankfully LJ is not like this.

EDIT: Right, so that’s the hour adjusted on the bedside clock, the living room clock, the led clock, my watch, janet’s watch, my mobile phone, janet’s mobile phone, the cordless phones, the computer, the cooker, the microwave, the DVD recorder, the central heating, the car, the digital camera… what have I forgotten?

Idle thoughts

While in IKEA today, idly pondering their illicit use of Time Lord technology to fit 40 square miles of shop into a small blue building, it occurred to me that IKEA are like the Roman Empire of shopping chains.

They’ve invaded most of the western world, exported their trade goods, decor and language, and convinced people they actually want to own them. And of course their stores are staffed not by their invading army but by local people who’ve been thoroughly absorbed into the great IKEA empire.

It all makes a strange kind of sense.

Y’know, to me.